Sunday, June 12, 2011

One for Kerala

Kerala Needs You. Yes, it really does need you; rather us.
This post is a prop for Kerala Needs You, a new blog that’s been started by Swarup, a friend.
It is intended to be a space that will “highlight issues that threaten our identity and issues that need change management. These could be issues that no one might focus on today - either because there are no votes, media attention or money in it or simply because they are not seen as issues.”
The way I understand it, all opinions are welcome — even dissenting ones — on Kerala Needs You as long as they contribute to the discussion.
So if Kerala has you in its thrall, pitch in and let the ideas flow for a better Kerala. There’s currently an interesting conversation on Kerala’s — actually the Malayalee’s — new-found penchant for painting houses in all colours of the rainbow and then some!


Karthika Naïr said...

Thank you, Sankar, for the cue! It will be a timely intervention, if Kerala's landscape is to be saved from a psychedelic disaster. And even if it doesn't (the rot may be too deep), at least there will be other causes to highlight and fight for.

Swarup said...

Thank you very much for the support Sankar. Let's see if we something will come of all this.

Mee said...

Very non inclusive...:( But what the heck, if this works, then so be it..:)

Sankar Radhakrishnan said...

@mee: Yes, in the sense that it's limited to Kerala. But this malaise is really acute in kerala. Kerala's buildings have traditionally been painted either white or muted shades. Now there's an explosion of colour. I agree that it's a personal choice on what colour one paints one's house, but when public buildings start taking on these garish hues it's another matter altogether :)