Saturday, April 2, 2011

For a billion minds

In about 12 hours, we’ll know who the winner of the 2011 Cricket World Cup is. Like in any other game, it will be the team that plays better during those 9 or 10 hours that make a one-day cricket match.
A billion dreams may be riding on an Indian win and several million on a Sri Lankan victory. But in the end, it’s just a match. 
At this moment it may be worth considering what US astronaut Jim Lovell told the Financial Times in this piece:
“The lunar flights give you a correct perception of our existence. You look back at Earth from the moon and you can put your thumb up to the window and hide the Earth behind your thumb. Everything you’ve ever known is behind your thumb, and that blue-and-white ball is orbiting a rather normal star, tucked away on the outer edge of a galaxy. You realise how insignificant we really all are. Everything you’ve ever known – all those arguments and wars – is right behind your thumb.”

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