Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Your Moment is Waiting, Kerala Tourism’s new ad film, has won 3 PATA Gold Awards.
Not bad for a film that had people carping “This film has no soul because the soul doesn’t belong to the body.” Obviously, the PATA Gold Awards-2011 jury thought otherwise — that the film does have soul. Likewise, the jury also appears to have dismissed tales about Your Moment is Waiting being lifted from Ashes and Snow and a campaign for Mexico Tourism.
Your Moment is Waiting struck gold in the Secondary Government Destination, Travel Advertisement Broadcast Media and Public Relations categories. Kerala Tourism also won a PATA Grand Award for Kumarakom in the Environment category. And India picked up a clutch of awards this year, with cghEarth, Kuoni India, Taj Hotels and India Tourism among the winners.
Overall, great news for Kerala for the PATA Gold Awards are pretty much the industry standard. And PATA or the Pacific Asia Travel Association is, arguably, ‘the’ tourism and travel industry body for Asia-Pacific.


Mee said...

I still don't like the film:(

Sankar Radhakrishnan said...

I know @Mee, I know :)