Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Your Moment is Waiting

I’ve seen Your Moment is Waiting thrice. And what do I say? So I’ll let the goose bumps on my arms do the talking for a moment or two.
Sensuous, exhilarating, earthy, outstanding, surreal, haunting — Kerala Tourism’s new ad film is all these. But it is so much more, much of it indescribable. To borrow from a section introduction in Bearings, a collection of poems by Karthika Nair: “The attempt to capture the kinetic in words is somewhat like freezing a raindrop in mid-air. Before it changes shape. Before it merges with the earth.”
And that is precisely what I feel as I struggle to capture in words the emotions that Your Moment is Waiting arouses.
Stark Communications has always been ahead of the curve on tourism communication. But with this film Stark and Prakash Varma have outdone themselves and taken Kerala Tourism’s brand communication to an entirely new level.
A fitting tribute to God’s Own Country.


Mee said...

Left me cold> almost felt I was seeing smthg out of Africa!! Barring one stupendous sequence nothing in the ad film works for me...:(:(

Sankar Radhakrishnan said...

@Mee: Interesting... this film really really works for me, especially since it is so not in your face. And it has many of the things you typically associate with Kerala, it's just that they are presented with finesse and subtlity.
For me it's all about the languorous experiences that define Kerala.

Mee said...

I remembered my comment here on ur blog last nite - when I saw Tharoor remark on similar lines to my comment:)on Twitter- what can I say- great minds think alike-ahem!:):)

On a serious note- perhaps you living in Kerala like it becos it is 'unpredicatable' and 'breaks the traditional image'- BUT I Miss it for the exact same reasons-I want to see the typical gorgeous Keralism!:( its lushness, its backwaters, its foliage, its culture, its people- Varma has gone soo creative that he has left behind the soul!

Perhaps it will work if the audiences are ONLY international markets. In India this film does not stand a chance...:(

Sankar Radhakrishnan said...

@Mee: All the typical 'Keralisms' -- as you put it -- are there, it's just that it's not in your face. You talk about backwaters -- the backwaters are there; you talk about culture -- kathakali is there as are traces of of other arts like thumbi thullal.
All the usual Kerala images have been flogged for all they are worth in earlier films. This one takes the brand's communication to an entirely new level.
Oh, i think it really has captured the soul of Kerala.
And I believe it will work in the markets it's targeted at.

Mee said...

Only time shall tell:) For Kerala's sake I hope it works!

How shall I say this- its not like I want to see all those typical images flashed upfront- I understand subtlety-even appreciate it- but when it starts playing hide and seek like an abstract painting I lose interest in it!

Today the topic of discussion in this post -is the ad film- so we can chat n discuss it threadbare- but the viewer is going to give it a fraction of her fractured time- either u capture her or u don't:)