Friday, June 11, 2010

Memories of summer

On a depressing, rain-spattered day, some pictures that bring back the warmth of summer. At least in my mind and on the screen.

A flower seller’s stall in Trivandrum’s Chalai market

Chips galore

Priest at work: Summer is festival time at many temples in Kerala. This is the priest from a little temple near my place. Every summer, the temple has a 10-day party — its annual festival. And on the ninth day, the presiding deity is taken in a procession for a tour of the neighbourhood, stopping in front of many houses and businesses for a small pooja or offering for a good year. As darkness falls, the throb of the temple drums increase a notch and oil-soaked torches spring to flickering life.

Sunset in summer

Turbulent waves and red flags on the beach mean that the Indian Summer Monsoon is almost here.

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Mee said...

Early rains are not depressing - I love them! Everything becomes fresh crisp green, if one is nicely perched at a vantage point watching the rains immerse themselves in the sea it is awesome- the power of nature makes one realize how small a particle we are. Its only when for days together I see grey and no sun warming and toasting me that I get very bothered! Thats why I hate England!:)

The chips made in Kerala are world's best!I always come back t o Bombay with a truckload of them and happily distribute amongst all:)